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Web App Design and Development

Keywords: Mobile Friendly Web Applications and Customer Portals, Administrative / Intranet Tools, Data Driven (SQLServer), WebAPIs, Integration

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Our Web Apps are mobile-friendly and often become the primary portal for your customers, partners, and employees to interact with your services. Our Web Apps also provide a cost effective and simple means of increasing brand visibility and "stickiness" with your clients. Additionally, enhancing your existing apps or creating new ones will allow your employees to work from anywhere and possibly reduce IT costs. From Order Entry to Tracking, from Route Design to Viewing Drivers, from Entering and Viewing Job Status, BrightBean is able to apply their multi-industry experience to your web challenges.

Map Sample On a more technical side, streamlining your business may require integrating with Azure, Amazon (AWS/S3), SalesForce, Credit Bureaus (Equifax, Experian, Trans Union, Dun and Bradstreet, Fair Isaac), UPS, PayPal, Authorize.Net, Google Maps, MapQuest API, Comeet, Accio, or any number of 3rd party organizations. BrightBean has extensive experience with such integrations. Similarly, 3rd parties may be wishing to communicate in a machine-to-machine way with your company. We've written numerous WebAPIs for this purpose.

We enjoy hearing about your ideas for your next data driven app and we're happy to share our own thoughts and experiences. Feel free to Contact Us.

Web Service

Mobile App Design and Development

Keywords: Android and iOS Mobile Apps, Xamarin, WebAPIs

Mobile Sample Mobile Sample There are several approaches to adding a mobile presence to your company. If your mobile needs include offline functionality or a more mobile app look-and-feel, then we offer several cost effective approaches to meet your goals.

A second approach to obtaining mobile functionality includes a mobile-friendly web application. This leverages the same server side capability (i.e. data retrieval, updates, etc.) with the caveat of having to be connected via phone or wi-fi. Significant cost savings can be obtained however from this approach and future enhancements become far less expensive.

We'd be happy to discuss the pros and cons of each approach as well as how mobile functionality can fit into your overall enterprise. Feel free to Contact Us.

Web Service

Custom Software

Keywords: .Net Core, C#, Visual Studio, SQL Server, API, Azure

Code Sample It's likely that your business may require a service or software tool that goes beyond general "data in/data out" functionality. This could be a backend service that pulls files from a remote location and synchronizes this to local servers or perhaps a driver route building tool that includes specific business rules and contraints. Often these custom software modules include automated integration with other systems. As mentioned in the "Web App Design and Development" section above, BrightBean's skills include extensive integration with third party APIs including Azure micro-services, Credit Bureaus, UPS, PayPal, Authorize.Net, Google Maps, MapQuest API or any number of custom 3rd party APIs. WebAPI Sample

For medium to large organizations, aggregating and standardizing business rules and database access into a loosely connected set of web services (API) or micro-service (Azure / AWS) a clean cost effective way to separate development concerns between teams.

Contact Us and we'll talk tech!

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Staff Augmentation

Keywords: Staffing, Backlog Support, Project Based/Ongoing, BitBucket, JIRA, Microsoft, .Net Core, C#, Visual Studio, SQL Server, API

BB Shop Within these engagements, we find that the development effort tends to include .Net Core/API based using either MVC and Razor or API supported client tools such as React or Vue, SQL Server or MySQL, Azure or AWS micro-services. Collaboration tools tend to include BitBucket, GitHub, DevOps, JIRA, Trello, and/or Slack.

Working with other teams allows our engineers to see even a larger number of problem domains and continue to update best practices. Contact Us and see what we can do for your backlog items.

Web Service

Legacy (Old Code) Conversions

Keywords: Mobile-Friendly (Responsive) Web App Conversions, Access/Excel to Web App/SQLServer Conversion, Old Code (ex: Asp / Web Forms) to ASP.Net MVC

Mobile Sample Often our clients will be using software that worked great back in 2010 but at this point, the developer has long since left the company making support and enhancements difficult if even possible. These legacy apps were created in Excel, Access, Visual Basic, or use older web techniques (ex: asp or WebForms). We've taken on numerous legacy conversions and our approach is to divide-and-conquer with incremental updates/rollouts - gaining buy-in from staff that may be tied to the older versions.

Contact Us and we'll make a plan to convert those old apps into fresh, easily enhanced, collaborative tools.


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